Zero motorcycles recalling some 2012 models


We always love to keep track of the future of motorcycle at PPF. Zero motorcycles is recalling 254 units from its 2012 line up.  the reason for the recall is faulty weather sealing on some of the batteries.   This makes the motorcycle battery easy to short out and need to be replaced.  This condition can cause loss of power or even a complete failure of the bikes drive system.  The recall is 2012 models Zero s, ds, zero x.  Zero will be contacting the owners of the motorcycles to have them bring them in and repair or replace the battery units.  The service will be free of charge and will be performed at the local Zero Dealers.  If you own a 2012 Zero motorcycle and want to know if your motorcycle is on the list. You can call Zer0 at 1-888-786-9376




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