Zero electric motorcycles recalled for stalling

zero motorcycles

Electric motorcycles. the future of motorcycles.  maybe.  Zero motorcycles has a current recall of some of their motorcycles. The bikes are having a sudden loss of acceleration. Zero motorcycles Inc is recalling some 2012  S models and some DS models.   Zero needs to get the motorcycles back in to reprogram the motor controller.  They have confirmed that some models will shut down if the sensors for the motor controller encoder go out of spec.  Having the motorcycle lose acceleration can be very dangerous. So they have started a recall to fix the issue.

zero motorcycle x model

Zero motorcycle is a manufacturer of electric motorcycles.  They produce both high performance street and off road electric motorcycles.  They are produced here in california. The factory is in santa cruz.  Zero’s motorcycles are the first bike to be able to go at least 100 miles on a single charge.  A first for a electric motorcycle.

zero motorcycles

Here at We love the new electric motorcycles. We have done a couple of stories on the Zero motorcycles.  They do represent a possible future of motorcycles.  Any company that pushes the design of motorcycles is worth talking about. Every new design will have problems. Zero electric motorcycles is no exception.  The good thing is the company recognizes the problem and fixes it quickly.




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