yamaha motorcycles pays california 36K fine

2013 yamaha motorcycles

CARB strikes again

yamaha motorcycles has aggreed to pay the califonrina air resouce control board or CARB 36000$.  The horrible thing that yamaha did to deserve this? They accidently put the wrong emission sticker on 96 ATV’s. Yep that right they put the wrong sticker on a ATV they sold in california. And you want to know the best part, Yamaha turned themselves in. Yes they are the one who told CARB that the models had the wrong sticker.  So you would think that they could just send the right stickers to the owners of the effected vehicles. Of course not. The state of california would never do something so simple. They would much rather fine the company and make a few bucks for the state. Of course eventually the company may go out of business and lose tons of money for the state. but who cares right.

yamaha motorcycles

yamaha motorcycles pays the fines!

Of course this isnt yamaha first go around with the california air resouse control board(CARB). It also paid a 2 million dollar fine in 2007 for selling a few rhinos that hadnt meet the new standard for california.  Yamaha may pay the fines to the state of california but it is us the consumer who bears the brunt of the fine. Do you think yamaha is just going to eat the fine. of course not. It is added into the price of every yamaha motorcycle or atv or utv sold in the state.  So the people who are hurt most is the consumer. But that is the cost of doing business in the state of california.

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