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yamaha motorcycles SECRET R1 TRIPLE

yamaha motorcycles has a secret it is keeping about a new(old) engine design. The word is that either or both the 2014 R1 or R6 will have a newly designed engine and it is going to be a triple. Yes you read that right. A three cylinder engine. Yep a triple.  yamaha is working on a new cross plane crankshaft to be used on this new engine. The idea is this new motor should be smoother and have a more linear power curve. Which means you can come outta that corner harder and faster and have more control over your motorcycle.   Which sounds pretty awesome but I think this isn’t yamaha first go round with a triple.  I think I can remember another ground breaking motorcycle from the 70’s.  Anyone remember the XS750 or the XS850?  Yep 30 years ago yamaha shock up the motorcycle industry with some new fancy triple motorcycles.

yamaha motorcycles triple



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