yamaha bobber, watch out harley davidson

yamaha bolt bobber

yamaha urban performance bobber

So yamaha wants to cash in on the bobber market. So whats a major company to do. I know lets strip down one of our star cruiser line v star 950’s and add a few accessories.  And viola we have a bobber motorcycle. Or as yamaha wants us to call it. “ the urban performance bobber”. The yamaha bolt.  Yeah you got to love marketing guys.  They know just what words to use to describe a new/redone motorcycle.  overall this is still a solid motorcycle from yamaha. It is there standard v-twin motorcycle based on the vstar 950. It is a stripped down lightweight crusier made to order for the bobber motorcycle guy. Especially for the price conscious buyer. The bolt is 10000$ less than harley davidson latest bobber. The new breakout!


The bolt uses vstar 950 motor. It is a v-twin 942cc fuel-injected  motor.  The 60-degree engine comes in a all new double steel cradle frame. This gives it a ultra low seat height. Helps with the low down bobber styling. The new motor has a few ponies that help it to get up and move. One big plus is the new fuel injected engine gets over 50 MPG. And now days no one is complained about that. The new yamaha bolt uses a belt drive for a nice smooth quiet ride.  The machine is minimal in all of its designs, even the engine looks bare bones.  But it is all big blue under the hood.

yamaha bolt r spec

Times are a changing

The times are a changing. Yamaha is trying to keep up with the times. They are seeing that harley davidson has got the right idea’s and are modifying what they produce to tailor it to the current markets. Of course harley has a premium price tag.  The new yamaha doesn’t you can get the new yamaha bolt for a measly 7999 or 8299 for the r-spec model motorcycle.  Yamaha may have hit a home run with this motorcycle. It has got the look and feel of a great ride.  They styling is there. The ride is there. The price is there. You never know,  This could be the next big thing? or maybe not!


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