Who’s afraid of the 2013 harley Dark customs?

Who’s afraid of the 2013 harley dark custom motorcycles. Not me or many other people who love the low and dark look of these factory custom harley’s.   The dark custom line up was started in  2008 to bring in a new generation of riders. Looking to their past designs Harly has really tapped into the 18-34 audience and built some new motorcycles using inspiration from past motorcycles.  The new dark custom models like the crossbones or the blackline rely heavily on a retro design with minimal chrome and minimal colors.  The are low and mean and fast. Harley is looking to the future with the classic designs tailored to the younger crowd of motorcycle buyers.


One of harley newest dark custom  models is the forty eight. It debuted in 2011 and was a instant classic. The new tank design was taken from the 1948 harley davidson.  It has the 1200 evolution engine that was first released in 1984. It is a blast ride. The seat and handlebars are mounted on the low side and it has forward controls. This really lets you stretch out on this motorcycle. The best part of this ride is the price. Coming in under $10500 it is super easy on the pocket.

My new favorite motorcycle is the cross bones.  It is a classic harley davidson with apes up front and leather wrapped tank.  It has a classic springer front forks  and the baddest sounds rumble on the planet. It has the big 1584 twin cam powering the motorcycle down the road and a six speed box to help take you there. Everything about this motorcycle screams harley davidson.    just for a dollars a day you can ride this thing home at $ 16999.

There is a lot to love with the new dark customs line from harley davidson. They picked a target of a younger crowd and they hit the market perfectly.  These motorcycles are selling like crazy.  Half of all the big bikes sold to the 18-34 year old market is being sold by harley.   So if you get the chance go online and check out the new models.

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