Where has the 2013 Harley Nightster CVO gone?

Where has the night gone. Or should I say when are we going to get a new harley nightster cvo model. Missing from the new cvo line up is the softail Nightster.  Is harley holding something back to surprise us this year with a new nightster cvo?   Is harley going to finally update the new motorcycle with the water cooled engine we keep hearing about? Curious minds want to know. Where did our Night go?

So what has harley done with the new 2013 nightster cvo.  The press release came and went and no mention of the nightster was on the list.  We all loved last years nightster but was really hoping for a nighster cvo. Maybe harley is being a little sneaky. Maybe they are going to surprise us with a late release 2013 model.  Hopefully with the new water cooled harley engine we keep hearing a lot about.  We all love a good surprise. How about a complete redesign of the model.  Maybe Harley could make her a little leaner. Or maybe a little meaner by putting a few more horses under the seat. Then they could upgrade the suspension and make the motorcycle handle tighter and stretch her out a little.  You can never go wrong making the bike sound a little louder or wilder. If you are dreaming of a new softail cv0 what would you want it to have?  Tell Harley in the comments what you would want in a new Nightster? What colors would you like her to fly?  any special badges or wheels.  maybe dress her up with a nice 26 inch front custom wheel?  The sky is the limit.  We want a new night!  We want a new nightster cvo!


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  • tanker

    that would be the baddest nightster ever!

  • Julian Putra

    Where is the Nightster for 2013?  It will be a shame if HD remove this raw beauty from their line up. If anything at all, I would have my dream base nightster loaded with :

    matt black with strips of matte silver for the headsand tank – the side covers with silver lining
    5 gal fuel tank in the same profile but teardropped and lifted by 2 inches in the front
    handlebars raised by additional 1.5 inches, maybe 33 inch end to end.
    side mounted oil cooler finished in black with matte silver surround
    embedded tail/brake light in a strip just under bobbed rear fender
    slim sandwich oval open air filter in shiny silver with black paper element
    twin wave disc rotors front and one rear
    shorty side cut 3″pipes
    41mm front forks with gaiters
    fork brace in matt black horizontally across front fender
    tacho in place of the standard speedo with digital speedo laid horizontal below tach on standard binnacle
    and the return of the HD “potato..potato..potato” rythm from an enlarged 1350cc EVO motor at tick over maybe at 600 rpm instead of the current just under 1k tick over pushing minimum 100hp and 1.5 times standard torque and a 6 speed gearbox.

    • motorcycleppf

      I agree she is a sweet machine my favorite!

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