Motorcycle wheels of the future?

The future of custom motorcycle wheels.  It used to be that when we would customize our motorcycles we would want to make them louder with after market exhaust pipes or maybe a jet kit to make it faster.  If you loved your Harley Davidson you would dip it in chrome.  Then times changed and it was how small you could make your front wheel but with the fattest tire you could get on it.  Today’s latest trend is to make the front motorcycle wheel as large as you can get it but with the skinniest tire they can squeeze on there. Today you need to be rolling a 26 inch front custom wheel to be anything on the strip.  You will find these wheels on all kinds of motorcycles but mostly they are on custom baggers or custom choppers.

It is not a easy job to get this look on your chopper. To fit these monster motorcycle wheels you will need to do some modifications to your ride to make them fit.  This is not something you will be bolting on in your garage.  You will have to have your motorcycle raked to fit these rims on the bike, unless your 8 feet tall otherwise we will need to change the angle of the forks to allow for the larger rim.  I highly recommend that you take your motorcycle to a shop that specializes in frame modifications.  Then you will also have to have a fender built to go around that huge 26 inch custom rim.  Then have it all painted and chromed to be the baddest cat in the alley.


The new custom rims coming out for your motorcycle are works of art and make any ride look great.   If you have some of the new 26 inch wheels installed on your ride tell us about how it is like to drive and how do you like your ride now that you have upgraded to the latest look.












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