What is it? Its a Dwarf car!

So you want to go racing but just don’t have the bucks to make it happen. Well Dwarf Car racing might just be for you. Now you are probably wondering,  just what the heck is a Dwarf Car and what does it have to do with motorcycles past, present or future.  Well a Dwarf car is what you get with you build a 5/8 scale race car based off on vintage race cars from the 30’s to the 40’s and combine that with  a late model motorcycle engine.


So at any event you might see a 5/8 34 Chevy coupe with a 2008 gsxr 1000 motor or you might see a 37 ford sedan running a 2005 cbr 1000rr.  Almost any combination is possible the only real rule is no engines larger than 1250 cc.  So no Suzuki hayabusa’s or Kawasaki zx14r.  They run these cars usually on a dirt oval tracks up 1/4 mile to 3/8 mile. Where they sometime hit over 100 mph in the straights. This is no toy car they are built for speed and handling.


So if you ever wanted to combine to your love of motorcycles and your love of car racing then Dwarf car racing just might be for you.


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