What is it? Honda creates a new way to have fun, the ATC 90

The worlds first ATV, the three wheeled ATC90 debuted in 1969. of course then it was known as the US90 but that soon changed and the ATC (all terrain cycle) was born and off road fun would never be the same.  The machine was powered by a huge 89cc four stroke motor that sent a whopping seven, yes seven horses thru a dual range four speed gear box. It was designed with handlebars that would swivel to allow for easy loading in the family truckster to be taken anywhere.

For just 595$ you could own a little ATC that would take you anywhere you wanted to go, no matter the terrain. The new ATC 90 loved the rough terrain and the gigantic 22 inch ballon tires was all it needed to soak up every bump on the trail.  The original balloon tires worked so well due to their large footprint and low operating pressure they left little or no damage to sensitive terrain.

I bet your ATV cant do this, The three wheeler was designed to be disassembled and transported in the truck of your car.  Honda designed these machines with the idea of fun for all. Very few ATV’s to this day match the amount of fun and good times that can be had by anyone.  The ATC 90 the machine that created off road adventure!



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