Water cooled Harley Davidson 2013?

Water cooled Harley Davidson.  Heard this story before quite a few times.  We have all heard it before, but his time it might be a little different.  Harley is in a different places.  Sales are sluggish and the main purchaser of Harley Davidson’s are starting to get a little on the older side.  It is time for Harley to bring in some new blood and some new ideas.   Harley tried this before about 10 years ago with the Porsche/Harley VROD that hasn’t quite set the world on fire, but is still a decent bike.

Times are changing in the motorcycle industry and you need to change to survive. So maybe this rumor has a little bit more truth in it then it did 5 years ago.  younger buyers expect more from their machines then the tired true v-twin air cooled ride. They expect modern performance and longevity in their bikes . So harley needs to change  and the silver lining in these drawings is that Harley plans to drive to keep to the scared lines of the machine and hide all the new plumbing.  They are putting the two radiators in the cowling and running the lines through the fairings and installing a electric pump to drive the cooling fluid.  A very good simple design that can be implemented on a new model with minimal  installation troubles and easily modified to fit on many different models.

Harley Davidson is looking to the future of motorcycles by adding water cooling to their machines. They are  doing what it needs to do to keep the brand going and attractive to today’s riders.  I am impressed with the design work on this bike it incorporates both the history and tradition of Haley and also looks to the future to keep the bike fresh and rid able to the next generation of riders.

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