Yamaha VMAX go big or go home!

Very few motorcycles fit the term “muscle Bike”  but the 2012 yamaha vmax  is every bit a muscle bike as a Chevy Nova is a muscle car. The 1679 cc  v-4 motor with v boost is a one of a kind motorcycle that turns heads every where it goes.  This motorcycle was born to tear up the drag strip or to tear up the road, stop light to stop light.  The v-max was born in california by a designer named John Reed. He was contracted by yamaha to design a new custom bike using the venture royal v-4 touring bike motor. He built the wildest cruiser ever built.  The first muscle bike to ever ride the streets. The 1985 yamaha v-max   won bike of the year from cycle guide magazine and rave reviews from all others.  The legend was born.

The vmax is world renown for its neck snapping acceleration, but it is also know for its poor handling and soft suspension. The early vmax motorcycle was built from 1985 till 2008 with just a minor refresh in 1993 with upgraded forks and better brakes to help slow the monster down. The motorcycle was almost perfection after that.  Very few bikes have such little changes over a 20 year period but yamaha knew better than to mess with a legend.  That is till 2008  when Yamaha decided it was time for the legend to be reborn and brought into the 21st century

The new VMAX is reborn all new.  The new bike has a aliuminium frame with a completely new v4 water cooled engine.  It has anti lock brakes, a fully adjustable suspension a slipper clutch . The vmax now puts out almost 200 hp  and will out run and out brake and out handle any other muscle bike on the planet. It was even the star of the new Ghost rider movie.  Taking over from the tired old chopper from Hell. So if you want to own the meanest muscle bike on the planet that also happens to be a movie star the new 2013 yamaha vmax is the bike for you.



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