victory motorcycles love us or your money back

victory motorcycles

victory motorcycles new warranty

So victory motorcycles is so sure you will love your new victory hammer or eight ball. That if you don’t they will give you your money back. Yes thats right Victory will refund your money if you don’t think your new motorcycle is the best motorcycle ever produced. Starting on Mar 1 2013 and running till April 30 2013.   So if you decide to go out and buy a new motorcycle anytime for the next 2 months and it is a victory if your not happy you can ride her back to the dealer and they will give you your hard earned cash back.  That is a pretty awesome deal. Not many companies will do that. Heck I can even think of one.

victory motorcycles

Money where there mouth is!

Victory is really putting their money where there mouth is. You got to believe a company feels they are doing something right. When they are willing to part with their money and return it to the customer. Victory has been on a roll for a few years. They are the fastest growing motorcycle company on the planet. They recently bought the indian motorcycle brand. They also released some new info on the engines that are going to power the new Indian chiefs. Everything is looking good for the new v-twin motorcycle manufacturer on the planet.

2013 victory motorcycles

Victory has alot going for them in 2013 and the new victory motorcycle warranty is one more reason to check out the new American made motorcycle.  So head on down to your local dealer and check out the new rides.  try out the new Kingpin or the new vision touring models. Then if you feel like it, buy it and ride it for a few months and then  if you dont love it. Take it back and get your money back. Sounds like a great deal to me!

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