Victory 15 year limited edition cross country

victory limited motorcycles

So the wraps came off the new very limited edition motorcycle from Victory today. It is going to be a cross country tour.  This very special bike can be requested from your local dealer. Victory is only producing 150 of these models.  The motorcycle will have a Red over black paint job. The colors were chose to commemorate the original v92c that first rolled off the line in 1998. The rear seat will have a 15 year anniversary stitching patterns on the back rest. Victory has thrown every bell and whistle that you can install on this motorcycle. It will have GPS navigation and Kicker speakers as well as Sirrus Radio to drive the speakers. The motorcycle will also sport the special badges showing just how few of these numbers machines their out there.

victory cross country 15

victory cross country 15
Some of the best features of this special model is the 106 cu in motor. That pounds out over 100 pounds of torque. Or the silky smooth 6 speed transmission. Then you have the huge 5.8 gallon gas tank That will let you cruise all day long.  The motorcycle comes with ABS brakes and cruise control. This victory has it all!
victory cross country tour limited
When Victory opened its doors in 1998. Very few people thought the world needed another v-twin motorcycle. Well victory has proven those people wrong. They have created a market for their motorcycles. Now days no one thinks that victory is just a wannabe harley. Now days they say “WOW look at the Victory motorcycle, where can I get one of those motorcycles.  Congrats victory motorcycles for 15 years of great bikes. Here’s to another 15 years!
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