vance and hines pays 500K to state of california

vance and hines harley davidson

Vance & Hines might want to consider moving!

So you think living in sunny California is all surf and wine tasting festivals. well if you are a business in California it can be a little on  the tough side right now. Especially if you are vance and hines motorcycle exhaust company. The company just got fine to the tune of 500 large for selling non approved emission parts ( motorcycle exhaust)parts before they were allowed to. The california air resource board worked a settlement with the company that they would be fined 250$ per unit sold in california. Vance and hines had sold over 2000 exhaust systems in the state of california.

vance and hines emissions


Now before you start getting worried about buying a exhaust for your new harley davidson from vance and hines. Don’t sweat it. this is a california only problem. And its not like there is a problem with the products.  The only problem is they sold the exhausts before they were approved by the CARB. Even then vance and hines has made a settlement with the CARB that products its distributors and the customers who bought the product. The company has worked with carb to implement a new system to prevent the sale of the offending exhausts. Carb is doing its best to protect us from them.  (YEAH RIGHT)

vance & hines mufflers


For those of you who have not heard of the CARB. They have been around california for a long time. But have only recently turned the all seeing eye on the motorcycle industry. They have been quite busy in the last few years. They last year fined yamaha motorcycles 2 million dollars for importing a few of the wrong model of dirt bikes into california. Carb also fined dynojet in 2007 for daring to sell the power commander iii in the state. BMW motorcycles and Suzuki motorcycles both got hit with huge fine for less than 20 motorcycle that were improperly sold in the california market.  Makes you wonder how long this companies can continue to sell motorcycles and motorcycle products in the peoples republic of california.




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