Tron motorcycles and Playboy any questions?

In honor of the 2012 San Diego comic con going on this weekend. I thought I would post some pics of some awesome motorcycles you can see at the “con” this year.  This site is modeled after the design of the movie tron and tron legacy.  The  tron motorcycles in the movie or “light cycles” as they are called are my favorite bikes. These pics are from a photo shoot that playboy did using the light cycles for some eye candy and I guess the girls add a little to the pictures also.

The tron motorcycles and the designs and the sounds of tron are inspiring to  watch and get you thinking about what it would be like to be ripping up the mountains on your very own light cycle.    The whole tron universe is a place to escape to, just like the SDCC. It is a place to escape to and enjoy the view.


Tell us what you like about the tron universe.  I try to go there every chance I get.


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