triumph motorcycles recalls 675 for stem problem

2013 triumph recall

triumph motorcycles has a recall

triumph motorcycles is recalling some 2012 and 2013 675’s and speed triples. So what incredibly important problem could triumph motorcycles  be trying to fix. Must be something very dangerous. Something that would need to be fixed right away. Something that would make the customer have to bring his motorcycle in for right away. Straight to his local dealer. So they can fix this problem ASAP.  I bet you are thinking this has to be something pretty important.  NOT. Why triumph wants you to bring your motorcycle back to the dealer to fix a turn signal stem. A stem that might. as they say in the press release. “fracture”. Oh no it is the dreaded turn signal stem fracture.  Yes triumph can not get by unless they make sure every triumph motorcycle doesn’t have saggy turn signals

speed triple triumph

triumph 675 sex on wheels

Well at least this gives me a reason to post a few pictures of some of my favorite triumph motorcycles and the smokin hot chicks next to them. Seriously though limp turn signal stems are a problem on a lot of motorcycles. Hopefully a couple of pictures of these girls will stiffen the turn signal stems on any motorcycle.

triumph motorcycles james dean

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