Top Ten Sexiest motorcyles of all Time!

2013 hayabusa 1500


The top ten sexiest motorcycles of all time. Here at motorcycleppf we decided we needed to know what are the top ten sexiest motorcycles of all time. So after exhaustive research and looking at hundreds and hundreds of different bikes.  We sorted it down to a list of 10 awesome motorcycles.  Some are new some are old. All of them are sexy.  The first bike we have just barely made it to the top ten. Many think when she first came out she was a little fat and had way to many curves. In 2008 she got a face lift.  Lost a few pounds and refined her curves. Now she is a top ten sexy monster.  It is the 2013 hayabusa gsx1300r.

2013 hayabusa

This beast of a motorcycle is the king of the high speed production motorcycle.  She is know around the world as the “BUSA”  Her heart beats out over 197  horses. She is a work of art.  A motorcycle for the guy that needs to have the fastest set of two wheels on the planet. But its not only whats on the inside that counts in this top ten. You also have to have the looks to go with the horses.  Not everyone would say she has the looks for a top ten bike. Some may also say she is the best looking ugly motorcycle ever built. We cant say that is not true either.  But sometimes the sexiest girls aren’t always the best looking. And the busa proves that out.

2013 busa

So the number 10 spot goes to the 2013 suzuki hayabusa. A motorcycle we have learned to love, not just for her speed but also for her drop dead sexy body!  Now that we have the number 10 spot wrapped up. What bike would you have thought was the tenth sexiest motorcycle ever produced?  The honda cbr 1100xx ? The 1969 cb750? Let us know in the comments. Which motorcycle you would have chose and why you would have chosen it.  Check back in a week and see which bike comes in the ninth position!

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