top ten motorcycle gift guide!

Its that time year again.  I bet you thought Christmas.  No its the top ten Christmas gifts to get the person in your life that loves motorcycles! Every year here at MotorcyclePPF  we search high and low. Looking for the best gifts to help you readers pick just the right gift to give to your favorite motorcycle rider.  So after lots of debating and whittling the list down to the best gifts you can get for a fair price.  Starting at number 10 is a favorite of ours. Something every motorcyclist needs.  A road side tool kit.

#10 a motorcycle roadside tool kit.

motorcycle roadside tool kit

Next on our list of motorcycle gifts is something every rider that needs during these colds months of winter. That is if your guy is crazy enough to ride in the winter.

#9 heated motorcycle  gloves

heated motorcycle gloves

So this is the gift you give when you have no idea what to get that special person. Something that says “I have no idea what to buy you. so here’s some money”  Yeah that’s right it is a GIFT CARD! Now days you can get gift cards from just about any motorcycle dealer or web site.

#8 a gift card from his or her favorite motorcycle dealer or web site

motorcycle gift card

So out next gift is something that most motorcycle owners love to do with their bikes.  Why clean and polish them. Who doesn’t love spending time just you and your ride. wiping her down. polishing the handlebars. You know you love spending time with her. So you got get our # 7

#7 motorcycle detailing kit

motorcycle detailing kit

Now for something that will make you battery on your motorcycle last. The next gift is really for your motorcycle more than for the rider. This will make sure she starts in those cold winter mornings and help your motorcycle battery to last for years.

#6 motorcycle battery tender

motorcycle battery tender

You know everyone that rides a motorcycle. Likes to wear clothes showing how much he loves his motorcycle. So the best way is to get them a new favorite motorcycle t-shirts. It can be any kind. maybe something with their favorite brand on it. Like harley davidson or suzuki motorcycle or even KTM.   So coming in at 5 is everyone’s favorite.

#5 motorcycle t-shirt

motorcycle t-shirt

We all know that anyone who rides a motorcycle is really just a big kid at heart. So what do big kids like. Well toys that look like the motorcycle they ride. You can find all kinds of replica toys that are usually a exactly copy of the motorcycle they are riding. Who doesn’t want a copy of their favorite bike sitting on your desk.

#4 Toy motorcycle replica

motorcycle toy replica

So if we are not riding motorcycles or wearing motorcycle gear. We want to be watching motorcycles on the TV. So you cant go wrong getting DVD’s about bikes. It can be any kind of dvd. we love crashes on dvd or racing on dvd or even some history of motorcycles. It is all good.

#3 motorcycle DVD’s

motorcycle dvd gift

The next is the craziest and most expensive gift on our list. this is for the person that has everything motorcycle. This is a rare one of kind item that only the most extreme rider would dare to own. It is a piece of history. It is something that everyone has seen and any biker would want. this is currently up for auction and you can buy it now.  just in time for Christmas!

#2 evel knievel’s helmet and jump suit

motorcycle gift evel knievel

Its going to be tough to beat our #2 item.  but we know we can do it here at motorcycleppf.  One thing all riders like to do is talk about that trip down the mountain or that race down the street. Well with our next gift you can not only talk about that ride. you can also show everyone the ride of a lifetime.  So our #1 gift to get the rider in your house is a……

#1 GoPro Hero 3 video camera

gopro hero 3

Any of these gifts will make your favorite rider happy.  So go out there and get some shopping done. you only have a few days left till Christmas!




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