the new Ducati Multistrada 1200

ducati multistrada

Multistrada!  What is it? Is it a sport bike? Is it a Touring Bike?  Is it a off-road motorcycle? or is it everything? Multistrada means “many road”  That is exactly what this motorcycle does.  Many roads,  be it on the street or up the mountain or across the desert.  Ducati has made a motorcycle that is comfortable in just about any environment. This is the most well rounded motorcycle on the planet. It uses the  second generation Testastretta 11° engine. It uses the latest electronics and suspension controls. It comes statndard with ABS brakes.  All of which can be adjusted electronically on the fly. There is four different riding Modes Touring, Sport,  Urban or  Enduro. Depending on the conditions you decide to put the motorcycle in.

ducati multistrada 1200

New for 2013 is the S Granturismo model. It is the most advanced touring version of the motorcycle. It has larger side bags. It also has a center trunk for more storage. They have addition lighting and greater wind protection. As well has better tires for touring. Ducati has also upgraded the Pikes Peak edition. With new paint scheme matching the race version of the motorcycle.  The s model and the standard models return also, but now also come standard with ABS brakes. A nice upgrade that should be standard on all motorcycles these days.

2013 ducati multistarda 1200

Ducati has really taken the all around motorcycle to the next level. This bike is ready for what ever you throw at it. With the electronic Ducati Skyhook Suspension (DSS). It is a semi-active suspension system”. That is a adjustable suspension that you can change on the trail or street. Combine this with being able to control the output of the motor. The power and the torque of the motorcycle. You have a bike you can configure for any type of riding in any type of condition.  The engineers at ducati have thought of everything you need to ride this motorcycle around the world and back.



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