The new 2013 Suzuki RM-Z 450

Suzuki motorcycles has updated and redesigned their dirt bikes for the 2013 model year. Using  race proven upgrades to  the fuel injected 2013 rmz 450 and the fuel injected  2013 rmz 250.  both machines were given birth on the race tracks around the world.  Team Suzuki riders have been winning races  and championships both AMA Super-cross and Motocross.  Suzuki has took what it has learned on the race track and has upgraded the engine, transmission, electronics and suspension.

The upgrades to the engine are lighter pistons that are made using a “FEM” finite element method that help shave precious ounces off the piston. The pistons are not only lighter but are now stronger also due to the new manufacturing process.  They also changed the con rod to help improve the throttle speed  and add more to the bottom and mid ranges. They have also tweaked the transmission to help improve the way the shifting feels for a more positive shift. This greatly helps to prevent miss shifts on the motorcycle.

The real update on the new 2013 motorcycles are the new front forks.  The new forks are 48mm and are called  “SFF” or Separate Function Fork. The idea behind these forks is the separate the damper from the springs. So you have the spring setup in the right for and the damper setup in the left fork.  This saves the motorcycle some weight and improves damping and hopefully gives the rider a better feel for the track or trail.

Suzuki has really up the ante in the motocross market. The new 2013 rmz 450 is a heck of a motorcycle for the racer or the weekend warrior, both would be more than happy to have this machine in their garage.  I cant wait to see what Team Suzuki will do this year, and what we will be seeing on the 2014 rmz 450.     What would you like to see done to the 2014 suzuki rmz 450?





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