The Worlds first DIGITAL SUPERBIKE MotoCzysz E1pc


The worlds first Digital Super-bike.  The E1pc is the first competitive all electric race bike. It is the achievement of five years of innovation, from its removable battery packs to KERS (Kinetic Energy Regeneration System) to it efficient carbon chassis.  This bike is the future of motorcycles. No more rumble of the engine no more ring of a dry clutch, no more valves smacking up and down drowning in the exhaust note. Just a quiet powerful humm of the electric motor.

On this monster you just twist and go, all the way up to where it is programmed to stop at 149.9 miles a hour.  Everything about this bike is computer programmed including its top speed. If you want it could do 195 mph but its battery life would be greatly diminished.  The modifications are endless just like the programs that run it.  It is truly a digital super bike.


So in the future we wont be buying new exhausts or the latest power commander to tune our bike. We will be at our computer working on how we can squeeze another 10 horse outta the latest code.  So brush up on your computer skills you will need it as much as you need your skills on the street.



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