The double XX killer! Suzuki Hayabusa

The year is 1997 and the honda black bird is the fastest production motorcycle on the planet.   The cbr 1100 XX had just dethroned the long time king. The kawasaki zx-11. It had ruled as the fastest production motorcycle since the early 90’s.  Honda ‘s time on the throne was going to be very short lived. Suzuki had a falcon up its sleeve and it was looking to take out the blackbird before it even had a chance to roost.  The plan Suzuki had was the build the fastest motorcycle ever produced.  They succeeded in spades as the suzuki hayabusa or busa as it is know is the reigning king of production motorcycles  and will probably remain so in the future.

For two years honda ruled the world with the cbr 1100xx blackbird. Then in 1999 suzuki  let loose its  hayabusa (japanse for peregrin falcon).  Taking out honda’s blackbird. The new motorcycle was a 1300cc superbike.  It had a unbelievable 173 horsepower and a top speed of 193 miles a hour. Beating  the Honda’s black bird speed of 178 miles a hour.  Honda attempted to retake the throne in 2000.  They released the super blackbird. That had updated electronics and fuel injection but it was not meant to be.  The 1999 and 2000 suzuki hayabusa are the still the reigning king of production motorcycles and will remain so.  The Guinness world book of records has certified the suzuki hayabusa as the worlds fastest production motorcycle.

Suzuki has built the king of all motorcycles but speed is not its only claim. Suzuki has built a well rounded motorcycle that is a dream to drive around town and rocketship from stop light to stop light.  Suzuki did not compromise on handling or comfort to be the king.   The suzuki hayabusa is the king because it does everything so well, from being the fastest to being reliable to hitting under 10 seconds in the quarter mile.   Long live the King!


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