The Bat-Motorcycle!

bat motorcycle

Is there anything hotter than a woman dressed up in black leather riding a motorcycle. Well possibly if the woman happens to be the Cat woman and the motorcycle happens to be the new Bat-Pod  This probabaly the second coolest new motorcycle on the planet.  With one of the hottest woman alive today.  Of course bat motorcycles were not always this awesome. here is a couple of pictures of the earlier versions of this motorcycle.

bat motorcycle

Of course the orignal bat motorcycle wasnt exaclty setting the world on fire with it cool stylings either.  Here is a picture from the batman series from the 60’s see how far we have come on what we consider a cool motorcycle.

bat motorcycle vintage

Even as old as this bat motorcycle looks it is still way cooler than most rides on the street. I know I would wait in line to take her for a spin. So I guess any bat motorcycle is a awesome machine.


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