The American Dream Honda Motorcycles of Japan

honda motorcycles

The american dream. In 1958 Honda Motorcycles of Japan was already the largest builder of motorcycles in the world but it wanted to get a piece of the largest market in the world.  The United States.  Honda had a plan they wanted to produce a light weight, motorcycle that was easy on the pocketbook and had the best reliablity in the world.  The only thing holding honda back was the americans perfered their large cc motorcycles for our long straight roads.  All honda had to offer was  small displacement bikes the largest being the c76 touring dream.

Honda motorcycles had a job in front of them. To convince the american public that their small fun to ride motorcycles were the best on the market.  Honda decided the best way to be the top motorcycle manufacturer was to make the best motorcycles that were easy to maintain and reliable and handled better than anything the competition had to offer.





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