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yamaha motorcycles pays california 36K fine

CARB strikes again yamaha motorcycles has aggreed to pay the califonrina air resouce control board or CARB 36000$.  The horrible thing that yamaha did to deserve this? They accidently put the wrong emission sticker on 96 ATV’s. Yep that right they put the wrong sticker on a ATV they sold in california. And you want(…)

vance and hines pays 500K to state of california

Vance & Hines might want to consider moving! So you think living in sunny California is all surf and wine tasting festivals. well if you are a business in California it can be a little on  the tough side right now. Especially if you are vance and hines motorcycle exhaust company. The company just got(…)

yamaha motorcycles Latest News and reviews

yamaha motorcycles has a secret it is keeping about a new(old) engine design. The word is that either or both the 2014 R1 or R6 will have a newly designed engine and it is going to be a triple. Yes you read that right. A three cylinder engine. Yep a triple.  yamaha is working on(…)