vintage motorcycle

See whats New! Long beach motorcycle show

Heading to the Long beach international motorcycle show! You have to love living out here on the west coast. We get a lot of love from the manufactures. With all the different bike shows that come to the LA area. All the major and minor motorcycle manufactures will be there. Showing off their latest toys(…)

motorcycle ads from the past!

So looking back thru some of my  old motorcycle magazines I saw a bunch of vintage motorcycle ads. I figured it would be pretty awesome to scan a few of these “blasts from the past” and share them with everyone.  The first is a classic cigarette motorcycle ad featuring a classic harley davidson with a(…)

Fly the Mustang Special

The year is 1945 and you are finally back in the states after a long 4 years in europe.  You have more time and money than you know what to spend it on.  Now if you only had a cool ride to spend some of that hard earned cash!  Well John Gladden of the Glendale(…)