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OCC orange county choppers merchandising files chapter 7

The merchandising division of OCC filed for chapter 7 bankruptcy protect this week in New York. The division  is called Hudson Valley Merchandising. It one of the parts of the Paul sr company. This is just part of a long going saga involving the fortunes of the OCC empire. It was just a couple of years ago(…)

  1. motorcycleppf: those occ guys. who doesnt love to hate them

15 years of Victory motorcycles

15 years ago victory motorcycles was born with the birth of theV92C. It was a American made motorcycle with a harley davidson like design. It had a 92 cubic inch air cooled motor. The largest you could get at the time. It helped to start the displacement wars. That saw motors get larger and larger.(…)

American Chopper FDNY sept 11 tribute

Sept 11 2001. The day that changed everything.  Everyone who was around that day remembers the lives that were lost.  Everyone pitched in after the event and helped in anyway they could. Some people like the New York fire department gave everything including their lives.   The boys at Orange County Choppers built a custom motorcycle(…)

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