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Stockers Motorcycle Parts in San Diego

Stockers Motorcycle Parts in San Diego

USED MOTORCYCLE PARTS In sunny San Diego California is a great place to get used motorcycle parts. They are one of the largest motorcycle dismantlers in the country.You can find just about anything you need for your motorcycle. They cover every year motorcycle from the late 50’s to 2014. you will find it all there.(…)

  1. lance blair: Looking for CDI for 1984 Virago

vintage honda motorcycle ads

vintage honda motorcycle ads

Here is a cool collection of motorcycle ads from the 60’s and 70’s. these ads are what made honda the world class motorcycle manufacturer of motorcycles.  So enjoy!

honda motorcycle sales are up 29%

honda motorcycle sales are up and up Times are tough for motorcycle manufactures. The last four or five years sales have been down and things didn’t look good. But honda motorcycle is starting to see some changes. Starting last fall sales of new motorcycles have been improving. honda sold almost 65000 units in the last(…)

suzuki motorcycles in bankruptcy

suzuki motorcycle seeing red! Well the fallout from the suzuki filing for bankruptcy continues. After shutting down its American automotive operations here in the united states. Suzuki is now looking to make its motorcycle and atv lines more profitable and better able to withstand the current economic environment.  To do that suzuki is looking to(…)

honda motorcycles drops 2014 model news

2014 ctx 700 new model? honda motorcycles has dropped some not so secret info on one of its 2014 models. They call it the ctx700n.  the ctx stands for (c)omfort (t)ouring (x)experience. This is part of honda motorcycles idea of making motorcycles for the masses.  In the near future they will be rolling out other(…)

  1. roger doger: wow that is one wild looking motorcycle from honda

2013 goldwing 1800 touring champion!

2013 honda gl1800 goldwing. A state of the art touring motorcycle. Finely tuned after almost 40 years.  yep 2014 is the 40th year anniversary of the honda goldwing. Starting out in 1974 with the gl1000. There have been over a million wings made since 1974.  All of them produced in the United States till 2010.(…)

six new honda motorcycles for 2013

Six new honda motorcycles for 2013. Honda has dropped a a mess of new and redone motorcycles for the 2013 model year. Honda is trying to reinvent itself  in the face of the decline in global sales of motorcycles.  Almost all the new models are low cost, entry level motorcycles. Each of the new honda motorcycles is(…)

back in the saddle 2013 vfr 1200

Back in the saddle. Well the holidays are over and it is back to the grind. Lucky for me the grind is something I love doing. reading and riding and writing about motorcycles. I am a very lucky man. I live and breathe everything about motorcycles. From the time I wake up in the mornings(…)

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Spy pics from the long beach motorcycle show!

I have taken no so secret pictures of motorcycles I saw at the 2012 long beach motorcycle show. These pics should not be considered rare or hard to get. But should be enjoyed for what they are. Some of the coolest newest and oldest motorcycles. That you could have seen at the motorcycle show.  So(…)

2013 honda stateline Retro-Cruiser

Honda motorcycles is trying to bring the retro craze to its vtx line of motorcycles.  First they started with the Honda Fury chopper. A decent motorcycle with decent styling.  The fury was a response to all the custom chopper motorcycles that were being sold. Now the latest and greatest is the retro motorcycles.  The bobbers(…)