bassani and danmoto exhaust pay up sucker!

California Carb is at it again! Well California is at it again. Nothing like fining a motorcycle company for selling its products. Yes bassani and danmoto dared to sell or even market products in the great state of California with out the approval of the Air resource control board.  Danmoto has agreed to pay 7000$(…)

yamaha motorcycles pays california 36K fine

CARB strikes again yamaha motorcycles has aggreed to pay the califonrina air resouce control board or CARB 36000$.  The horrible thing that yamaha did to deserve this? They accidently put the wrong emission sticker on 96 ATV’s. Yep that right they put the wrong sticker on a ATV they sold in california. And you want(…)

vance and hines pays 500K to state of california

Vance & Hines might want to consider moving! So you think living in sunny California is all surf and wine tasting festivals. well if you are a business in California it can be a little on  the tough side right now. Especially if you are vance and hines motorcycle exhaust company. The company just got(…)