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suzuki motorcycles

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Well the fallout from the suzuki filing for bankruptcy continues. After shutting down its American automotive operations here in the united states. Suzuki is now looking to make its motorcycle and atv lines more profitable and better able to withstand the current economic environment.  To do that suzuki is looking to close about 10% of its under performing dealerships.  That comes out to about 200 oem dealers. In these hard times it is probably good to cut some dead weight from the bottom line. Of course if its your local Suzuki dealer that is probably not going to make you feel any better. Especially if you have to drive a extra 100 miles to locate the next oem suzuki dealer.

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Suzuki motorcycles was one of the brands hit hardest in the global economic slowdown. And unlike Harley davidson and honda motorcycles have not had any significant recovery in the last few years. Hopefully cutting the dead weight of the suzuki automotive line and dropping a few dealer pounds will help improve the bottom line. Personally I feel the brand has become stale and not innovating. Suzuki current models are not that much different then they were 4 years ago. There is nothing ground breaking or exciting. Just reruns of the last few years models with mostly new paint and stickers.

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Suzuki motorcycles needs more than to drop a few oem dealers. They need to excite the market and create a motorcycle that will knock your socks off. They have been riding on the gsxr motorcycle coats for close to 30 years. It is time for a new motorcycle that will change the way people think of motorcycles and sport bikes. Suzuki did it in 1985 when then launched the gsxr 750. They can do it again in 2015. The time is now. If they want to save this company and the brand. Now is not the time to play it safe.

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