suzuki motorcycles 50 year celebration

suzuki motorcycle t 20

The year is 1963 and suzuki motorcycles is looking to open up shop in north America. They are mid sized company in japan. They have been producing 2 stroke small cc motorcycles since the 1950’s.  Mostly small 2 stroke bicycles and small motorcycles. Suzuki motorcycles cuts its motorcycle teeth on the racing circuits during the 50 and 60’s. They won many titles and championships. This helped boost the sales of the street motorcycles they produced. but to be really successful you needed to sell motorcycles in the USA. So in 1963 suzuki opened up its headquarters in los angeles California. They called the company “U.S. Suzuki Motor Corporation”

suzuki motorcycle

The U.S. Suzuki Motor Corporation would go on to make everything from boat motors to cars to 4×4 vehicles. You could just about find any vehicle made was a suzuki. They even had a deal with GM to produce some cars for Chevrolet. But what suzuki is best know for is there motorcycles. Especially 2 stroke  race motorcycles. Some of the best 2 stroke models that were produced include the t500 in 1968 and also the gt 750 water buffalo. Both motorcycles were state of the art. Very few motorcycle were faster then the suzuki’s  As a matter of fact suzuki motorcycles only produced 2 stroke engines all the way till 1976. But times change and so did suzuki. In the late 70’s  they decided to release their first 4 stroke models. First with the gs400 twin and then with the gs750. The gs750 even had dual over head camshafts. Both motorcyles were a drastic change from previous years. It would be a good choice for suzuki.

suzuki gt750 water buffalo

The late 70’s was a time for change for the “U.S. Suzuki Motor Corporation”.  1978 was the last year for the 2 stroke triples. Everything shifted to more modern 4 stroke designs. But suzuki motorcyckes still had a few tricks up its sleeve. The made the RE5 the worlds first rotary engine. It was unfortunately a very costly failure. But suzuki also had some bright spots. In 1985 suzuki gave birth to 2 very different motorcycle that changed what a motorcycle could be. The first was the RG500 2 stroke race replica. This motorcycle would go on to be the most winning motorcycle of all time. Winning 2 world championships in its first 3 years. Then you have the 1985 gsxr 750. The world’s first true sport bike. A motorcycle that is still in production to this day. Everyone knows what a gixxer is. They know it is the best sport bike ever built.

gsxr 750 1985

Which brings us back to why I am writing this post. 2013 is suzuki’s 50 year anniversary.  To celebrate that suzuki is have a Bi-monthly prize that will be given away to its loyal followers on Facebook.  Between now and December of this year. You can enter win all kinds of suzuki swag. Starting this feb 16th when some lucky guy or girl will win a new 2013 rmz450 dirt bike. Now I bet you are wondering how the heck do you get in on this. Well first you have to walk not run down to your local suzuki dealer. Then ask nicely for the code you will need to enter. Then you want to go to suzuki motorcycles Facebook fan page. While you are there you can tell the world about how much you love your suzuki and how much she means to you. So what are you waiting for…..  GO ENTER NOW

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