Suzuki drops some new 2013 motorcycles

suzuki sfv650 2013

Suzuki has drop a few new models for the 2013 year. If you remember they have been slowly over the last few months dropping new models. I am sure they are doing this to strecth out the press they get each year.  But it is always good to see what the big blue is cooking up for us next year.  Well it looks like a few new models but mostly refinements to current motorcycles. Suzuki looks to be expanding its appeal and trying to make a model for every kind and rider out there. One of the new models is a entry level non fairing sport bike called the SFV650. It is a vtwin sportbike with minimal extras. It meant for the lower cost motorcycle to get people into the market.

2013 suzuki m90

For the cruisers The big boy M90 is the model.  This is the big guy for the power cruiser. 1800cc of v-twin power. There is also new colors and paint schemes for the Boulevard line of bikes.  The mid sized cruises will see the C50 and the S40 returning. Suzuki’s cruiser line of motorcycles has something for every one.  You can also get the c50 in a full dress model. This will help out the touring group who doesnt want to get a new 25000 dollar goldwing.  With the expanded spread of new models and options.  You can buy as many cc’s as you can afford.

2013 suzuki lt z 400

Suzuki has also add a few changes to its off road and ATV selections. Earlier this year the announced their new rm-z 450 and rm-z 250. Now is time for the updated dr650 enduro motorcycle and the dr z 400. The quadsport z400 is basically unchanged since 2012 but is still a great ATV model.  It has a race based suspension and a engine that will take you anywhere you want to go.

Suzuki is working hard to hit every segment of the market and to sell as many different models. To as many different riders as they are out there.  It is a smorgasbord of motorcycles out there.  It is a buyers market. So get out there and get your new suzuki.


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