Supercross 2013 now with more MONSTER!

ama supercross

Are you ready to RUMMMMMMBBBLLLEEE!  It is ama supercross time of year again. time for indoor motorcross action. Time to see the latest honda and yamaha and kawasaki and suzuki have to offer. the latest motocross bikes with the best rider in the world. All of the them flying around a indoor track.  making huge jumps and getting big air. Watching the latest tricks as the motorcycle fly through the air. This is AMA Supercross. The best you will find in family stadium entertainment. So what are you waiting for go online and get some tickets to the event closest to you!

2013 supercross

The first supercross was in the los angeles coliseum in 1972. It started out as the “super bowl of motocross”  It was the brain child of race promoter Michael Goodwin. It got together many of the top motocross riders of the time and put them in a stadium to show off the jumps and thrills of motocross racing. The popularity of supercross grew for the next 20 years.  The sport really took off in the late 90’s becoming one of the most popular off road events in the country. The only motosport events more popular are nascar events.

2013 ama supercross

The supercross series begins in december and runs thru May. The competetion has 17 different events with points won for what place the rider takes. All this leads to the big final competition. With the Championship awarded in may, to the rider with the most points. Supercross is a wild good time for the whole family. there is nothing better than hanging out watching motorcycles fly through the air and watching riders pull off the latest trick. All from the comfort of a good seat.

ama supercross 2013

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