SOA sons of anarchy and Harley Davidson contest!

SOA new episode

Want to have harley build you a bike? Want to have a motorcycle like the characters in sons of anarchy?  Well nows your chance. Harley and FX are having a contest for the season 5 premier of Sons of Anarchy. FX has asked you to go to  from now till November 19 2012 and enter a contest.  To win the your new motorcycle you will have to tell a small story about your favorite character. You will also have to say what kind of trouble you would get into with the character too.

SOA motorcycles

So what will you get for pouring your soul out to FX and Harley Davidson?  Well Harley is going to build you your very own custom Sons of Anarchy motorcycle. The bike a 2013 street bob will be built to your specifications.  When you enter the contest you will get to build the motorcycle of your dreams.Not only will you win a motorcycle but you and a friend will get to visit the set of the Sons of Anarchy show and maybe even get to meet the cast.  Heck you might even get to take a ride with them.

SOA contest

The new season started on sept 11, 2012 will run for the full season. So hurry up and go over to and enter to win you new SOA motorcycle.  I have already entered and know exactly which model I am getting!




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