six new honda motorcycles for 2013

honda motorcycles

Six new honda motorcycles for 2013. Honda has dropped a a mess of new and redone motorcycles for the 2013 model year. Honda is trying to reinvent itself  in the face of the decline in global sales of motorcycles.  Almost all the new models are low cost, entry level motorcycles. Each of the new honda motorcycles is designed not to excite the masses but to expand the markets that each is targeted at. All are very fuel efficient, low maintenance models. Made for the new riders.   the first one is a retread from the early 80’s. the cb1100

2013 cb1100 honda

The new honda cb1100. A throw back to the 80’s A updated standard motorcycle.  The motorcycle has a air cooled 1140cc motor. It is the standard 16 valver. A solid all around good engine that will have tons of juice when you want it. It also has a modern fuel injection system. This to maximize its fuel savings and to make the most power with the least amount of fuel. This is a comfortable all round get you from point a to point b kind of motorcycle.  I really wish honda had made this motorcycle a lot more modern. To me this is just a cookie cutter square. A unit to fit the idea of what is going to sell for the next few years. Nothing to write home about. But still a solid motorcycle.

2013 honda goldwing f6b

The next motorcycle is a new motorcycle I can get excited about. It is the F6B goldwing. Honda in trying to ride the bagger craze. has made a unique motorcycle that looks fun to drive and run around town on. It is still a massive gl1800 but by changing the seat and bags Honda motorcycles has really hit a home run. Now if honda would put it on a diet and get it to around 500 pds it would be a killer bagger.

goldwing f6b

The next is a trio of new honda motorcycles based on the same new engine. The cb 500. It is a small lightweight twin. The all new water cooled parallel twin puts out around 50 HP. It is a fuel injected motorcycle. As most modern machines are these days. Honda has decided to reach out to 3 different markets with basically the same motorcycle. First is the standard cb500f. It is a standard no fairing model that is designed for the no frills market. riders that need something low cost that can get them to and from work.

cb500f 2013

The next is the cbr500r it is the sporty version of the same motorcycle. They basically added some fairings to the motorcycle and boom they have a entry level sport bike. This is the most interesting version of this motorcycle. It is going head to head with the kawasaki Ninja 500. A great motorcycle that has been waiting for 15 years for a update. Maybe this will finally get the big green machine to get going on that.cbr500r hond 2013

The last of the new cb500 is the cb500x. I guess the x designates it as a adventure model. Or is more for the y -generation. Who seem to love anything that has x attached to it. Honda likes to call it a sport touring model. With a dash of adventure riding thrown in.  It definitely a ad campaign based motorcycle tailored to a very specific rider.  I am sure it is a competent machine and will be a very affordable machine to own.

cb500x honda motorcycles

The last is a very mildly updated cbr600rr. I am not sure why honda has decided this is a new model. It is basically the same as last years model. The only changes to motorcycle are suspension changes and updated fairings. But it is still basically the same motorcycle. They improved the forks with a new set from showa.  The wheels have be replaced with a new 12 spoke design.  I think mostly to match the new cb 500 motorcycles.. The only truly new advance on the motorcycle is the electronic ABS brakes. They electronically apply the front or rear or both brakes depending on input from the motorcycle.

600rr 2013 honda

All of these models are great additions to honda motorcycles line of bikes. Though I must say none of them excite much at all. They all do their jobs as they are designed to do. But none of them are evolutionary in design. Honda did what it does best. Building the best engineered motorcycle you can find. Sometimes you wish they would push the envelope just a little.   what would you want to see in the next generation honda motorcycles?



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