Shoei motorcycle helmets 2013 graphics update

shoei 2013 helmet

Shoei and helmet house is announcing the updates to its line of helmets.  Shoei has updated the graphics on most of the motorcycle helmets. There is a new choice of colors and graphics for the 2013 model year. There is updates to both the street and off-road lines of motorcycle helmets. Shoei a leading manufacturer of motorcycle helmets is based in japan. They have been producing some of the best motorcycle helmets in the world since 1958.  The company really took off in the late sixties when honda motorcycles picked them to be the official supplier of helmets to honda.

shoei x-12

The new line up of motorcycle helmets will have two helmets to the x-twelve line up. The first being the Shoei X-12 Marquez. It is based on the helmet for the  Moto2 World Champion, Marc Marquez.  The other x-12 helmet is the Shoei X-twelve  B-Boz. It has similar graphics and the Marquez but with a more domestic color scheme.

shoei motorcycle helmet 2013

There is five new updates to the rf-1100 helmets.  The first is a remake of a classic design helmet. This helmet uses update HIGH VIZ graphics for that modern feel. They call it the rf-1100 Glacier and it is a sweet looking helmet. very minimal in design.

shoei rf1100

The other helmets with updated graphics are the new Rf-1100 transmission. It has a modern design theme with shoei branding right in the graphics.  The new Electro is a electronica designs that scream RAVE.  The Rollin is a classic stripes and flags style helmet fit for any cafe racer out there. finally there is the Diabolic Fued.  Black and white and screams goth. This is the helmet for the motorcycle club or stunters out there.  Shoei has really updated there helmets with awesome graphics to really make you stand out in the crowd. It is a bonus that they also make some of the best motorcycle helmets in the world!


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