Sex on Wheels Ducati panigale 1199


Ducati panigale  has another recall on the best superbike ever produced.  I know who wants to read about that? I wouldn’t even post about it, except I need another reason to post some pics of this beast.  So I will drop a few tidbits on the minor recall items that ducati wants you to know about. Then I will post some more pictures of the ducati panigale 1199.  This bike is sex on wheels.  Looking at the pics you just cant decide which girl you like looking at more.

So I guess ducati has noticed a few problems with the motorcycle and have decided to have a couple of recalls. The latest is that you need to look at your front brake master cylinder hose as it is rubbing on a bracket and could possibly fail and cause loss of the braking system. So you definitely need to check your front brake master cylinders for any chaffing or damage.  The other new recall is for the rear swing arm pivot bushing coming loose. This is a lot more serious condition and you should definitely have your local ducati dealer look at your motorcycle.  The swing arm coming loose is not a good thing and should be checked ASAP.

I know these little recalls are bummers. Hopefully me posting these awesome pictures will make up for it. The next recall is for the steering damper. According to the recall the bolts holding the damper can come loose. Due to the factory not applying enough loctite to the threads. If the steering damper comes loose it can interfere with the steering of the motorcycle and can cause a crash.  So please check those bolts and if they are not loose already head down to the dealer. Then have them replace the bolts and apply the correct loctite.

Even with these small recalls, the 2012 ducati panigale 1199 is still the baddest motorcycle to ever tear up the road.  This motorcycle lives to be driven hard and fast.



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