Seattle Police pick the new Harley-Davidson Electra Glide

harley davidson Electra Glide police

The Seattle police department decided it needed some new motorcycles for their motor patrol division.  So they asked all the major manufactures to let them do a year long check out of their best motorcycles. Honda offered up its latest power touring motorcycle. The new St1300. Kawasaki gave the department thier new ZG1400 concourse. A shaft driven Hyper touring motorcycle with over 150 horse power.  Victory motorcycles supplied one of the newest custom purpose built motorcycles the commander. Finally harley supplied thier newest Road King and Electra glide motorcycles. Both top of the line touring motorcycles built here in the USA. Harley has a long history of supplying motorcycles to police departments all over the USA.

harley police bike

Each of the motorcycles was put through a extensive test and evaluation process. Over 30 different officers each rode all of the different models. Each was evaluated and reevaluated to find which motorcycle would be the best new police motorcycle for the department. Each officer had to rate each motorcycle on  six different areas.  ergonomics and comfort. maintenance and storage. handling and equipment. At the end of the year each officer rated and compared each motorcycle.  After a year of testing one motorcycle stood out as a clear winner.  The new harley davidson electra glide was hands down the clear winner.

harley davidson police

The new electa glide has all the features the department was looking for. The motorcycle was the most comfortable and easily has the most storage. These factors mean a lot to the seattle police department. They sometimes spend 16 hours a day on their motorcycles. So these bikes need to be comfortable. They were also the most easy to ride for extended periods of time. Harley davidson has a long history of supplying some of the best made, longest lasting police motorcycles.  They have been building police motorcycle since there was the first police motorcycle. Seattle has made a great choice going with the electra glide.

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