Ride like Fonzi the Triumph TR5 Trophy

Fonzi,  the coolest person to ever ride a motorcycle.  To a lot of us he was the first cool person we ever saw riding a motorcycle.  Every Tuesday night we used to sit down and watch Fonzi ride  across the screen into our homes.  We then spent the next week  pretending to be fonzi on his motorcycle tooling around the play ground. Waiting for time when we would be grow up and get to ride our own real motorcycle.  Fonzi just happened to ride a 1949 Triumph tr-5 scrambler. The story goes the happy days show  had originally purchased a Harley Davidson for fonzi to ride around on but winkler couldn’t ride, so the show decided they needed a smaller lighter bike to have winkler sit on and ride around on.  They went to the local triumph dealership and the owner Bud Ekins went in the back and pushed out a beat up old triumph scrambler and the rest is history.

The motorcycle is a TR-5 scrambler that was  made in 1949. It was built to be a trails bike for off road use, but was modified to be used on the street. It had a high mounted 2 into 1 exhaust.  The motorcycle was a exceptional handler. It was light weight which made it easy to handle on the streets and a blast to run off road.  This was especially appreciated by the crew of happy days as they did all of the pushing the bike around for Winkler.

The little triumph was the coolest motorcycle a 10 year boy had ever seen and gave us our first taste of what being cool was like. of course nothing has changed for most of us. 30  years later we are still looking for the coolest motorcycle we can find. Hoping someday we can be the fonzi in our own little happy days!






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