Pope blesses 2 harley tanks. End of world nears

HD 2013

Harley’s world wide 110th year anniversary celebration will be Rome next June.  Harley is celebrating its 110th year of producing motorcycles. They are having a party that is a year long and will travel all over the world. During the week they party is in rome. There will be a celebration in  Port of Ostia. They are also a parade planned to go through the streets of Rome. There will also be two headlining concerts at Stadio Olimpico. Finally the pope himself is going to have a blessing for the riders in St. Peter’s Square. They are expecting over twenty thousands riders to receive the blessings.

harley davidson 110

This week Willie g. davidson and Bill Davidson was in rome to present the pope with two motorcycle tanks to be blessed. The two tanks will be blessed and then signed by both willie g and the pope. They will then be installed on the motorcycles. One of the two motorcycles will be shipped back to the Harley Davidson museum in Milwaukee. The other motorcycle will be auctioned off for charity.  The proceeds will go the good Samaritan foundation.

hd 2013

The events in rome are expected to be some of the biggest events planned by the US based company.  Harley is really tried to put on a awesome show. These events help to establish harley as not just a US company but as a global producer of motorcycles. Harley has party’s planned in 11 different countries.  The year long celebration runs from August this year all the way to Sept 2013.  Harley is making this a year to remember.



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