Paul Jr designs biker build off 2012

paul jr biker build off

Love him or hate him paul jr and his motorcycles make people talk and comment. Him and his father are bigger draws than the motorcycles they build. Some people think that is a good thing. some people think that is a bad thing. I think that anything that makes people want to jump in the saddle or go out in their garage and work on their motorcycles is a good thing. I know these discovery channel biker build offs are nothing but a popualirty contest. Which has to make junior feel good. But I still love to watch then and see what new ideas the guys will come up with next.  So here is paul jr’s next creation.  the Crazy Horse V-Plus. The pictures are from paul jr website so they are pretty good. I cant wait till I get a chance to check this motorcycle out in person.

paul jr biker build off

The parts used to build the motorcycle for the biker build off are pretty standard off the shelf 100ci engine and  6 speed transmission. Of course they are in a highly polished state and defiinity made to be a show queen only .  But that is what paul jr does. And in my opinion does it very well.  After the biker build off there definitly will be no shortage of trash talk and twitter rants about this episode and these motorcycles. But clearly the crazy horse stands tall in the design element. is it the most ridable? Nope. will it be easy to ride. probabaly not. but it will get the most looks. but that is not what the biker build off is about. It is about pushing the design  and style of motorcycles, not who can make the best mass production motorcycle.  Paul jr motorcycles are the epitome of style and design.

paul jr bikeer build off

This motorcycle is a work of art. the other guys in the competetion made great motorcycles too. but they all have their own agenda’s. And they have theri own ideas on what the build off is really about.  I look forward to when PJD has its own show. Hopefully that is sooner rather than later. Paul jr and his motorcycles are the stars of the show.  Way to go paul jr and PJD. your team rocks.  Well tell us what you thing about his motorcycle and the show!



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