One man can change the world. Craig Vetter redefined what a motorcycle fairing is!


The Vetter Windjammer changed motorcycles from a machine that was fully exposed to the elements to a machine that cut through the air. Vetter made many contributions to motorcycling from the classic  Windjammer fairing to the  Triumph X-75 Hurricane. Vetter has been a member of the AMA and a designer since 1965. Vetter’s Rickman,is  now on permanent display at the  Motorcycle Hall of Fame.

Craig Vetter was a man ahead of his time. If your motorcycle comes with a fairing  odds are that the design was inspired by Craig Vetter. His fairings are legendary and have been installed on just about every motorcycle ever made, from cx500 to kz1000 t0 cb900. If you rode a bike in the 60-80’s you wanted a Vetter Fairing for it!


In the late 1960s, BSA was in trouble. So Dan Brown, one of BSA’s American management team, took matters into his own hands. He commissioned Craig Vetter (of Windjammer fairing fame) to restyle the BSA A75. The final product was the Triumph x-75 Hurricane. It’s the perfect example of 1970 custom style and design featuring a one piece tank and sidecover and three into three exhaust.

So if you are wanting to learn a little more about the history of motorcycle fairings. go to and read about the man who changed the way bikes are built.



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