OCC orange county choppers merchandising files chapter 7


The merchandising division of OCC filed for chapter 7 bankruptcy protect this week in New York. The division  is called Hudson Valley Merchandising. It one of the parts of the Paul sr company. This is just part of a long going saga involving the fortunes of the OCC empire. It was just a couple of years ago that GE was trying to foreclose on the new building Senior had built for the company.  Times sure have changed for the OCC brand. It wasn’t that long ago that anything with OCC would fly off the shelves.  They were a branding monster. Selling everything from t-shirts to bicycles. to hats to wallets. If it had OCC on it. It was as gold as gold!

paul sr occ

New Times New Markets

The time of custom choppers priced at the same as a small house and financed by second mortgages is over. Hopefully OCC can change and reemerge as a serious producer of motorcycles. I know I have always loved the motorcycles senior and junior made and looked forward to watching them build them. Sure there was always tons of controversy about how they built their motorcycles and how much they put together off the shelf. Either way they made some great motorcycles.

occ paul sr

OCC and American choppers ?

Who knows what in store for paul sr and his OCC company. I hope the future is bright and they get to keep making the motorcycle. Love him or hate Paul sr gets people interested in motorcycles. Anything that gets more people into the sport of motorcycle is a good thing in my opinion.




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    those occ guys. who doesnt love to hate them