OCC biker build off 2012

occ biker build off 2012

discovery channel biker build off 2012. Four big players in the custom motorcycle market. All the best at what they do. here is OCC entry into the 2012 biker build off.  It definitely looks like a OCC custom motorcycle.  Some off the shelf parts with some very custom design elements. A much better entry in the build off than last years. Heck I don’t even know what to call it.  but last year is gone and we are looking at this years motorcycles. So I have been looking all over the net for more information and pictures of the occ entry into the biker build off. I was only able to find two pictures.  You would think discovery channel would have some nice professional photo shoots for the motorcycle but I have not been able to locate any. Its like discovery channel is finished with the show and are throwing the stars from the show away.

senior biker build off 2012

I have to say this is one of the best bikes I have seen come outta OCC in a long time. It is a clean design that screams speed and handling. The lines of the motorcycle is tight and it looks to be a blast to drive. Personally I think senior was listening a little too much to jesse james and fast n loud too much. I think he was worried too much about making a motorcycle that can be ridden as a daily driver. I watch these shows to see custom motorcycles taken to the limits of design. I know you here it all the time about.  “yeah but you cant ride it”  who cares! They are making motorcycles that are not meant to rode daily or heck even yearly. They are fabricating works of art.  The motorcycles are meant to be the stars of the show.

occ biker build off 2012

Senior’s latest creation is a solid motorcycle any shop would love to build and display. but it just wasn’t enough to overcome juniors wicked designs. I am the last person to tell someone how to run their shop. but after building motorcycle for more than 10 years. I have come to expect more outta 0range county choppers!

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