Norton Steampunk motorcycle


Motorcycles are not just two wheels  that we go as fast we can on.  Everyone of them are works of art. This motorcycle use a Norton and combines it with steampunk ideas to produce a incredible combination. A steampunk motorcycle is a work of art. The artist who created this motorcycle used perimeter brakes that are very modern in design but still retro in their looks and functionality.

The frame over tank is drop dead sexy and breaks from current styles.  The controls are inverted for that classic style that screams 1930’s.  The finishing touches on the bike are all steam punk. The motorcycle is coated in brass and nickel finishes. Everything about this bike is classic motorcycle.

If you were going to make your own version of a steampunk motorcycle what engine would you use and what ideas for designs.   We haven seen any sportbike steampunk yet?





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  • gosh imagine what things would be like if cowboys really rode these. so cool