new indian engine The thunderstroke!

new indian engine

indian thunderstroke 111

So Polaris has finally dropped some juicy details on the new 2014 indian motorcycles.  For bikeweek in Daytona they have shown off the motor that will be powering the all new indian motorcycles next year. And I for one can say I am really impressed with the design and style of the new indian engine. It is a thrill looking at the classic styling. It has combined the classic indian with a modern day powerplant. Polaris has succesfully combines a engine from a 1948 indian chief and mixed it with a late model motorcycle engine.  The new 111 ci or 1811 cc motor is a completely new motor.  It is excellent to see victory not just stuffing a victory motor into a rehashed indian chief frame.

new indian motor

Inspired from the past

I think victory motorcycles may make the best indian ever. From the look and  the care and the inspiration from past indian motorcycles. To the forward looking designs of the new thunderstroke 111 motor. Victory has definitely proven they have what it takes to resurrect the indian name and the indian motorcycles. Now all they have to do is bring the same kind of attention to detail with the rest of the new motorcycles and they will have a winner on their hands.

new indian motorcycle engine

The new motor is a fuel injected 1811 cc engine. It is a 49 v twin that will put over a 115 ft pounds of torque. It is a air cooled with oil cooling. The motor has a built in oil cooler system to help keep things running on the cool side. The gear box is a internal 6 speed tranny with a belt drive system.  All the modern touches to keep thing smooth and clean. The new motor will have a lot of classic indian styling from the right side down exhaust to the parallel push rods. Victory has looked to the past for the future of motorcycles.

Victory has really stepped up on the new indian motorcycles. The company has many setbacks over the years. Companies just coasting on the name indian. But those days are over. We finally have some one who understands what a indian motorcycle is. It is not just some flares you out on a front fender of any old motorcycle. It is a motorcycle that pushes the limits of design and styling. I think victory is starting out on the right foot and they are heading in the right direction.

new indian motorcycle motor

So what do you think of the motor?  Does it live up to what you hoped for?  Let us know!

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