New honda cbr500 spy shots

cbr500 honda spy shots

So honda motorcycles has been working on a new motorcycle to compete with the Kawasaki Ninja 500.  It is the new 2013 cbr500. Which is a surprise since honda has not had a motorcycle in this class. For as long as I can remember. Which means kawasaki has been taking all of the mid weight motorcycle sales. Well that is about to stop.  Honda will be unleashing a new motorcycle to compete directly with the ninja 500. The new cbr500 should be available soon in the north American market.  The new motorcycle takes a lot of design and style cues from the cbr600rr and the newly released cbr250r. Both are awesome motorcycles. Both are some of the best designed and engineered motorcycles available.

honda cbr500

Some of the leaked specs for this motorcycle are

– 105mph top speed

– 470cc liquid-cooled, parallel-twin

– 46.9bhp

– 401lbs (dry)

– 30lb/ft of torque

– 31-inch seat height

– 120/70-17 (front)/160-60-17 (rear)

– Six-speed manual

This motorcycle is direct competition to the kawasaki ninja 500. Just like the cbr250r is direct competition to the ninja 250r. Honda motorcycles is looking to expand its market into new areas. The global slow down has taught most motorcycle manufactures that they need to compete in as many different markets. In as many different areas as possible. And the new cbr500 is a direct result of those plans.  This is definitely a mid class motorcycle and I am sure it will be at a mid class price. Rumour has it there will be 3 different versions of this motorcycle. The cbr500 for the sport bike crowd. Then we will also have a naked version called the cb500r. Then finally a adventure model?  whatever the heck that might be called the cb500X.  All will share the same engine. Honda is really tring to cover all the markets with this motorcycle. honda cbr 500

honda has not broken  any new ground with this motorcycle. But it is a solid motorcycle. Modern components with a modern motor. Priced at the right price it will be a killer motorcycle for the masses. A lightweight fun to ride bike. That will have plenty of noodles and will still pull down 60 miles to gallon.  A entry level machine that the rider will not grow out of too quick. Kawasaki will definitely have to think about updating the tired old ninja 500r.  A motorcycle that is basically unchanged since 1987. If not Honda will own the mid weight class of motorcycles.

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