New 2013 honda goldwing F6B supertourer!

honda goldwing f6b

The birth of the super tourer!  the new 2013 honda goldwing f6b! This new low rider bagger wannabe is honda’s latest attempt to attract a younger buyer for their bike.  Based on the time tested gl1800 goldwing but with more modern bagger style fairings and bags. A new lower stance and a new shorty windscreen. The new motorcycle uses the same frame and motor as the 2013 goldwing. The goldwing is a light weight compared to its big brother.  It comes in 65 pounds lighter then the same year goldwing. A very nice upgrade to the heafty gl1800.

2013 honda goldwing f6b

The motorcycle is a blacked out wannabe bagger. it has a new saddle making it sit lower and meaner. The saddlebags are slug way back on the motorcycle for that classic bagger style. It is a honda refined bagger for the 2013 model year. Not everyones cup of tea put a awesome motorcycle just the same. The new F6B uses the same flat 6 cylinder motor with 40 mm fuel injection.  The new goldwing may look like it is short on the fancy upgrades.  It has all the perks of the bigger wing.   It still has the premium sounds system. it still has the ipod hookups. It also has the multifunction display. the display gives you all the vital info on the motorcycle. It even has a bag open alert system.

2013 honda goldwing f6b

The new motorcycle comes in just 2 colors. A standard black or atomic fire engine Red! the price on these new models is a modest 19999 for the standard version and 21000 for the deluxe mode.l which adds a back rest for the passenger and heated grips and a center stand. All options worth having on the bike. Honda has also a slew of accessories you can purchase for the new motorcycle. From new fog lights to different windshields. To tons of chrome upgrades for all different parts of the motorcycle.


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