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So your 1985 honda cb700 nighthawk has finally stopped running. You are needing a new starter relay .  Honda wants a arm a leg and your first born. You go down to your local motorcycle salvage yard. Hoping to pick up a good used motorcycle parts. When you arrive the place has been closed for 3 years.  You think what the heck am I a going to do? So you go home and jump on the Internet.  Figuring that has to be more motorcycle salvage yards out there. After spending  hours looking and calling different motorcycle salvage yards. you realize this is a huge issue and you need some help. This is where motopartalert comes in and helps you locate the used motorcycle parts you need from hundreds of motorcycle salvage yards all over the country

From the website you can contact and make requests to hundreds of motorcycle salvage yards.  It has a easy to use interface where you can us pull downs to select the make and model and year of your motorcycle. The motopartalert system them sends out the requests to approved motorcycle salvage yards for them to check on the motorcycle part. They then will respond with availability and price of the used salvage motorcycle part.

Then you can respond back and let the salvage dealer know if you want the part and can then make arrangements to pay for the part.  These days it gets harder and harder to find good quality used motorcycle parts from reputable salvage dealers.  The motopartalert system will help anyone to easily find the parts you need for your 1985 cb700 nighthawk or any other classic motorcycle.  I was able to find my starter relay for my 1985 cb700 nighthawk and I am sure you will be able to find the used motorcycle parts you need to get your motorcycle going again.

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